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Bethlehem is bustling with people, so many people that even their father’s inn has no more room.  When Jai and Abigail see two weary travellers coming through town looking for a place to stay, they want to help – but how?  Their own bedrooms have already been given to other travellers, and there’s not even a spare corner in the stable.

Then Abi has an idea; maybe Jai can take the sheep out of the stable and look after them with the other shepherds outside tonight?  That way the two travellers could at least have some room in the stable.  The lady really did look like she needed a place to rest and the stable would be warm and dry.

Jai is excited as he leads the sheep out into the fields, remembering the stories of King David and how he protected his sheep from lions and bears – little does Jai realise that his own experience as a shepherd will be just as wildly amazing as he settles down to catch some sleep before his turn on watch.


This beautifully illustrated children’s story is great for 7 year olds+ and will help you enjoy the true meaning of Christmas again.  Told from a perspective you may not have imagined.  Download a copy for your family today!

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